Meet Our Family

We have a very special group of individuals who make up the world in which your little ones will find themselves when playing at Katie's House.
Katie's friends all have strong traits and personalities, and play an important role in introducing little ones to different characters who they may encounter on their travels around the club.
Katie's friends love spending time together, exploring, sharing and being kind to one another.
They all play their vital part in kick starting our adventures in the club!

  • characters-1

    Meet Katie!

    Our resident drama queen who performs at any chance she gets and is totally fascinated by all things in the arts. Katie loves nothing more than creating and performing whether dressing up, singing, painting or dancing!

  • characters-2

    Meet Pip!

    Pip's favourite thing is to be outside building, digging, exploring and throwing sticks for his hungarian vizsla puppy "Poodie". He never goes anywhere without his handy backpack which has all kinds of gadgets in it ready for his next adventure!

  • Meet Rusty!

    Rusty is own very own resident cowboy! Freckled face and cute as pie, he is always dressed head to toe as a little waggon boy. He loves horses, neckerchiefs and dusty towns! His watchdog puppy "Laskie" never leaves his side.

  • Meet Sulee!

    Sulee has a natural love for all animals and insects. She never leaves the house without her handy magnifying glass for exploring the woods, jungle, fields and finding creatures big and small! She searches high and low for all species with her adorable puppy "Snoot".

  • characters-5

    Meet Robo!

    You guessed it! Our very own nutty professor! Robo is totally mesmerised with machines, science, robots and experiments. With his test tube, science glasses and oversized lab jacket, he is ready to find the next big theory anytime, anywhere, with the help of his sidekick "Ruby".

  • characters-6

    Meet Miffy!

    Head of the runway! Miffy is transfixed by planes, helicopters, red arrows and all things airbound. She never goes anywhere without her red scarf, flying googles, safety whistle and flying cap! No matter what job she comes across, she will have the help of her right hand woman, her toy dog "Minx".

  • Meet Moozz!

    Moozz loves pirates and dreams of shipwrecks, treasure chests and rafts. He is never without his old school driving googles on his head, ready at any time for action! His

  • Meet Noush!

    Our very own fashionista! Noush is in love with dressing up her friends, her puppy and hand making the most wonderful outfits fit for a queen! She is always playing princesses and making dresses from scratch. She has the help of her beautiful puppy Nibbi who happily models the fabrics and styles she experiments with all day long.



Our first club will be opening in 2017 on the Chiswick/Acton border.
Please contact us to reserve your place on our waiting list now.